That’s how this works. You talk to me about it so that I can take your hand and fucking walk through this shit with you. That is what I signed up for, okay? But I cannot do that if you won’t let me in.”

Short Term 12 (2013) dir. Destin Daniel Cretton

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September 23
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Sext: Wanna rewatch Prisoners for the 100th time and cry about Jake Gyllenhaal? 

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September 22
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"You’re very intelligent, and you have an ability to influence people. Think maybe you could influence your boss to lower the check?

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Marie Antoinette (2006)
Sofia Coppola

behind the scenes

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[muffled sob]

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"Well you don’t got to be Stonewall Jackson to know you don’t want to fight in a basement." - Inglourious Basterds (2009)

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How many layers of cover-up mousse did you put on this morning? Do you think if you go to a different country you’ll be able to take off one of those layers? How many miles will you have to travel to be able to take it all off, kieren walker?

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September 21
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